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What is Agility?

Agility is defined as the ability to change your entire body position in space rapidly with accuracy and speed.

ICAT cat agility courses showcase the 5 core components of PHYSICAL fitness: 

  1. Agility

  2. Balance

  3. Speed (endurance)

  4. Power (burst)

  5. Reaction time

These MENTAL fitness components are also included:

  1. Concentration

  2. Trust

  3. Learning

  4. Surface sensation variety (soft, hard, reflections, bounce, etc., to keep it interesting and challenging for the cat to experience)

The SKILLS used:

Bar Jumps and Hoop Jumps  --  Power, Balance, Coordination

Tunnel  --  Speed

Cat Walk (Balance Beam)  --  Balance, Coordination

Weave Jumps  --  Agility, Coordination

Jumps over Mirror --  Power, Coordination, Trust, Concentration

Running the course as guided by handler  --  Reaction Time, Concentration

Standardized ICAT Course:

Over the next few days, a Standard Course will be drawn up.  After testing in Paris, a smaller Standard Home version will also be posted, complete with shopping list.


It is planned to be affordable, durable, interesting, lightweight, easy to assemble, and need little storage space.  


It will contain obstacles which use all of the 5 core agility skills listed above.  


Using the course over time should improve the cat's flexibility, endurance, strength, and mental abilities of concentration, confidence, and trusting relations with their owner. 

Draft of a Standardized Course:

4 bar or hoop jumps:  1 bar jump lowest setting (one bar), 1 bar jump with two bars, 1 hoop jump above 1 bar, one hoop jump above 2 bars 

1 tunnel, mesh, 3' to 5' in length.  On the floor, or elevated on low tables no more than 1' high

Cat walk, 4' long, cat needs to do a minimum of four front foot touches (some have long strides at high speed), the top should be elevated between 4" and 8"

Weave jumps (low bar), instead of weave poles which are relatively easy for cats, or weave poles, a minimum of three poles

Table jumps, a minimum of 2' gap between tables.  Or, connected together with a low bar jump on top.


Nice things from Please click the photos for information.


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