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Nice Things for Good Cats

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Like you, I have tried every product on the market, and this is the best, Urine Remover by Clorox.


Based on hydrogen peroxide (not chlorine bleach), it is effective and does not harm furniture or cat tree carpet.

This is for home use.  We have never needed it in an agility ring.  The cats don't consider it "their" space.

We love SleepyPods, because our cats love them.  The top unzips and detaches when you arrive at your destination and is a bed for your cat, "their" place.

SleepyPods have been crash-tested and designed for safe car travel.  This model is not for airplanes.

This model SleepyPod is in-cabin airplane approved.  It is the model we use for both car and air travel.

Sturdi carriers, pop-up pens when traveling, show cages; Sturdi products are attractive and durable

A business-quality laser pointer.  These have longer battery life than the small cat toys.

by Flexaust, Flx-Thane MD Polyurethane Duct Hose, Clear, For Use With Chips, Shavings

These flexible tubes are one of the best things we have discovered.  They are for home.

We have sun in our backyard, and have connected these tubs, which come in 25' sections, from the house to the dog kennels we put in the back yard.  The cats run along the tubes to their kennel playpens, to sit on the sunny shelves and watch the neighborhood.

This way, they get fresh air, sunshine, and entertainment.

Get free monthly delivery of this kitty litter with Amazon Prime, no more hauling bags from pet stores, and with Dr. Elsey's "Cat Attract" litter our cats don't pee in corners of the house anymore, it's like magic

Our cats run on their wheel many times a day in short sessions.  Use something like keys dangled ahead to get them started.  This wheel is 48" in diameter and built with lightweight materials.

Large 60" diameter wheel, better for backs than the usual 48"size. Very strong construction. 


One of ICAT's Goals is to put wheels in zoos for the each cat exhibit, and these could be the wheels we use.

Is this a litter pan?  Yes.  A deep, clear storage box is better than anything else.  The cat can see who is approaching, yet feel safe and secure.  The 66 qt/62 L, or 50 qt/47 L sizes are the best.  Fill halfway with kitty litter.  There will be less scattered litter outside the litter box with these deep ones.

All of our cats are insanely crazy for these freeze-dried chicken bits.  This is the best brand. One of our cats learned to ring a bell when she wanted a piece of these. Then she figured out all she had to do was ring the bell, and she got chicken. So she rang bell again after she finished eating each bite. I had to put the bell away in the drawer to hide it from her. 

Fun and play, to keep your cat active every day.

These toys on a string are for use at home.  In the agility ring, more control of the cat's focus is needed, like with a target stick.

These durable, weather resistant hard heating pads are good where there is moisture, including spraying males. All of our cats have heated beds around the house. Cats love the warmth, and use their heated beds even in the summer months.

Heated house, good for cool areas, but not weatherproof. 

Insulated outdoor cat house.  For the feral cats in your neighborhood, use straw (not towel) bedding. Also available is a heated bed, and an extra-heavy insulation package. Guaranteed to keep the weather out.  

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