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Benefits of Cat Agility


Benefits to Owners


  • A way for owners to have a closer relationship with their cats, 

“Play every day with your cat”

  • Training for agility can be done inside the house, takes little space, and is inexpensive

  • The skills learned about training can be applied to your own sport programs.  For instance, clicker training is used by gymnastic coaches and in many other sports.   

  • Each obstacle can be taught by physically putting the cat through, over, under, or however we want them to do it. They truly don't know until we show them.  

  • The “colony” social structure of domestic cats means they have friends, and mutual grooming companions.  Owners are cats’ friends.

  • Learning about cat’s social life creates vocabulary for understanding and communication.  It develops appreciation for cats’ abilities.

Benefits to Cats

  • Health and happiness for the cats. 

"Cat agility is fun for you AND your cat"

  • It is something to “do” with your cat, it is environmental enrichment, and gives your cat an advanced way to interact and communicate with you.

  • It gives your can a new way of communicating with you.  It is common for cats to try something new, then see if you approve by giving them a "click."  This two-way communication path will grown into a dynamic relationship with the cats.​

  • ICAT builds awareness among the public of how intelligent, beautiful, trainable and companionable cats are, which will benefit all cats, everywhere.

Benefits to Clubs

  • More exhibitors.

  • More spectators.  Cat agility is visual, amusing, and engages audiences.

"Focusing on the beauty from within" 

  • Better newspaper and television show publicity opportunities, because cat agility is interesting and entertaining.  

  • Embraces their affiliate association’s goals.  Many of the world’s cat associations have the generally common aims of educating about and promoting the welfare, exhibiting and care of cats.

  • Some groups or exhibitors will loan their cat out for a donation, to let a child be in the agility ring with a cat.

Please share your stories of cat agility.  Your experiences and ideas are welcome and useful to all of us.


If you are interested in having ICAT cat agility at your cat show, pet expo, or professional pet-related association meeting, please email us, click here.  

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