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When using a big square area, consider adding a two-way obstacle in the center.

Below are some possible layouts.  I prefer rectangles so to cats can go faster.  


Someday I would like to try a 50' long course.  

Nice things from Please click the photos for information.

Adapt the number and arrangement of obstacles to the space available.  I prefer rectangles. Squares are okay, too.  

Remember to leave enough space for the handlers to maneuver without tripping on obstacles.


General guidelines for arranging obstacles: 


(1) obstacles graduate arranged from easier/slower at the beginning, to harder/faster at the end, and


(2) if there are ten obstacles, for instance, then alternate activities, like jump, walk, jump, walk, jump, walk, jump, walk, jump, jump


Course Variety

Please share your experiences with us, and your ideas for obstacles, or course arrangements.


To email us, click here.  Thank you!

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