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Start at Home

After a couple of days of doing agility practice in your home course, your cats will probably do like ours do - when we get up in the morning, they run to the drawer where we keep the target sticks, so we'll have our morning play and exercise time with them.


Play every day with your cat, whether doing agility or with toys and love.

Learn Everything You Can
About Cats

There are some seminars on this website, and cat training and excellent general cat books, in our opinions, listed in the Nice Things pages.


Domestic cats are "colony" animals, and have fluid and matrixed social interactions among their friends (including you).

Enter a Show

If there is a cat show in your area with a cat agility ring, try it out!  There is no pressure to perform.  If you want to sit on the mats and talk to your cat, that is okay.

Let your cat walk around until its tail goes straight up, which means the cat is ready to pay attention to you and start playing in the agility ring.

The tail up indicates the cat feels safe and confident.

Similar but Different Courses

The cat agility courses are similar but have different arrangements depending on the space available.


AND, because cats are problem solvers, if they can do a series of jumps in one big leap, that's allowed! Cats think for themselves, instead of taking orders. 


If kittens are allowed on the course, the obstacles need to be a maximum of 24" high, with floor padding, because of the kittens' bone growth plates.  


Skeleton development is complete at about 1 year old.

"My kitten did GREAT on her first day.  She learned the whole course in about 5 tries and would race through the tunnels and wait at the end for me."  - Neva

Become a Cat Voice


Some aspect of the cat experience will spark a passion. 


Maybe working to change the typical stereotype of cats in TV shows and movies?  


Maybe talking to friends about how interesting, cool, and undervalued cats are as a companion animal?  Write books or articles?  


I wish you happy discovering!  


Please share with us, so we can let the rest of the community know, and perhaps join you.

Become a Ringmaster

The Ringmaster Guidelines are available.  

Once you are a Ringmaster, you can host your own cat agility events, big or small.  

The goal is for the person and cat to have fun and bond with each other.  The cat agility ring is an opportunity for a good, positive experience with their cat.

Make an Agility Course at Home

Course Design and some Nice Projects ideas are available.


Take Pictures, Videos, and Share


We all love looking at cat pictures, and watching videos of how your training experience is going.

Please share your stories with us.  Ideas for obstacle, experiences, happy moments are welcome!  To email us, click here.

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