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Cat agility is an indoor activity.  Even then, when doing in a noisy place, like an expo with lots of people and animals, an enclosed area is needed for the cats.  Cats will not learn or perform until they feel safe!  The indication of being ready to learn and perform is when their tails go straight up.  There is no rushing this process, the cat needs to walk around and feel secure.  It is mandatory, and can take a few minutes. 





A roof on the enclosure is not necessary but can be used if desired. The panels surrounding the tents are mosquito netting, which keeps the cats in and still allows viewing.  (See the mosquito netting in the listing below.)  Cats can't climb the netting because their toenails get stuck.  And, anyway, if a cat is so scared that it wants to escape, it should immediately be removed from the ring, because it is not having a good time.  


Agility should be a good, positive experience for your cat, not a terrifying one.  Each cat is different. Watch the body language.  Everything is written on the body.

Nice Equipment for

Multi-Cat Events

These UnderCover Professional Grade canopies are the easiest and most durable. these are available from Costco, where you need a membership to shop.  Perhaps other retailers also have them.  Don't use the cheap ones, they fall apart and are more difficult to raise.  I used them in the beginning, but had to replace them soon with these professional canopies which are the correct quality for cat agility rings.

Mesh walls for the canopies.  This brand is the best for cat agility because the zippers where people enter are reinforced, and the wall flaps are long enough to place mats or something around the perimeter flaps, to prevent the escape of the cats under the mesh walls.

Tent with mesh sides.  Connect two or three together.  These are lower quality, but also less expensive, and the canopy and mesh sidewalls are included in one package.

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If your venue has structural columns in place, or if you use poles in stable footers (as shown here and here, at shows in Switzerland and France), then this bird and deer barrier netting can be used instead of tents.

I personally find the netting annoying and difficult to assemble repeatedly, but it is serviceable.

To make big, durable panels, as shown here, use pvc pipe, heavy duty netting, and metal clamps.

Galvanized clamps for joining the panels. Also, hinges and a gate lock will be needed for the entry gate.

A longer roll of the bird and deer barrier netting.  The entry/exit is difficult with this method.  And the perimeter needs to be secured with a row of mats, or taped, or weights, so the cats can't escape from underneath the netting.

Good tough bags, big volume, and inexpensive.  We have used them for many trips.  No wheels. 

All of the obstacles will fit into this rolling duffle bag, which is airline approved (Delta) as checked luggage.  Available in coloros other than pink polka dots.

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