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Used these Ciao lick as a reward when "charging the clicker" or as a treat, licking a bit from these tubes is not messy.  At home, these puree treats help motivate cats who don't want to eat.  Our cats love every flavor equally.

These freeze-dried chicken pieces are excellent treats for training. Even the dust, sprinkled on the cat's food, makes our cats happy.  In big event arenas with multiple cats, I prefer using the the Ciao lick treats because the chicken crumbles can be distracting to other cats. Note: the bag says Dog treats, but there are zero additives, so the product is good for cats, too.

About 3 feet long, mesh on one side, this short tunnel can be used on the ground, or elevated on top of a box for added difficulty.

Nice Things for Cat Training

Available from Please click the photos for information.

Clicker training is a way of communicating. Teach cats to come when called, stay off a table, walk on a leash, do cute tricks and games.  This a good beginners guide.

This is best home hurdle set.  Quality cones, and good bars of a convenient set.  Amazon is often sold out of this set, so order soon if it is available when you check for it.

Retractable target stick, easier for my pockets.

I find it more convenient to have the clicker integrated into a telescoping target stick like this. 


Remember that a click means good-job, not come-here.  


To make that association in the cat's mind, first click then give a treat or praise.  


If you skip the association step, then the clicks are just background noise.

Step-by-step video introduction to how to shape behavior--in dogs, cats, even people--using the powerful information of the click.

These are perfect for making target sticks.  Insert a wooden dowel, use some small rubber bands to keep it in place.  Easy and inexpensive.

Full of training tips and exercises for nearly every scenario—from introducing your cat to a new baby to helping cats deal with visits to the vet.  Bradshaw understands cats.

Bring your cat and you closer together.  Cats are clever animals and are often hopelessly under-stimulated in indoor life.   This is a good explanation of cat learning abilities and successful techniques to teach them.

12 training tricks include jumping through a hula hoop, sitting, walking on a harness, shaking hands, and turning the lights off.  Includes a feathered cat toy.

Nice things from Please click the photos for information.
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