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Nice Creative Projects

All of these obstacles are available from Please click the photos for information.


Swim noodles are foam, bendable, colorful, and can be easily cut or connected.  

In San Diego 2016, click here for pictures, we need to make an agility set quickly hours, with one visit to a Target store.  The swim noodles worked perfectly.

These are pre-cut swim noodles, 17" (43 cm) in length.  This is long enough for obstacles for cat agility.  The thing I like most is they are machine cut and look neat and tidy.  Noodles are easy to cut with big scissors or garden trimming shears, but the cut never comes out smoothly when I do it myself.

A set of connectors for the noodles.  It is actually fun to build things with swim noodles, whether for agility obstacles or not.

Big clear strong plastic bags, when it's time to put away the agility items.


These have been so much better than dark bags, because I can see what's in each bag.  This is one of those small discoveries that make things easier.

Large crates can hold hurdle bars, or a row can be used as a hurdle.

Mini-crate can be lined up on the floor in a double row to make a hurdle jump.

Noodle holders, which sit on top of cones, and hold horizontal cross bars.  These are the ones we use at home.  They are durable and lightweight.  

These are superior noodles because they are solid-core, instead of being hollow inside

These "furniture grade" PVC pipe, stronger, available in many colors, and without lettering.


A zip tie on the inside of the cone prevents bars from sliding around.


Home Depot has pre-cut PVC pipes of regular grade, in 2-foot lengths, of several diameters.


For pipes with black lettering, use sandpaper to remove (and wear a dust mask and safety eye goggles, and do it outside the house).

Holders for noodles.  Cut out the bottom and place them on top of cones, then the noodle inside, to form an arch.

Pop up mesh laundry hampers, with the bottom cut out, make nice tunnels.  The mesh is preferred, so cats don't hide inside, and also people can watch the cat go through it.

Wood rods for inside the swim noodles.  Keep rods from sliding by stabbing a short piece of swim noodle inside of each cone, or simply a rubber band on the rod inside and out of the cone.  


Cats generally don't bump the rods, it is usually people, especially children, who fall into the obstacles, which is why they obstacles are designed to come apart easily.

Wood dowels for making 12" long target sticks.

Balls for the end of the sticks make good target sticks. Use big rubber bands, one inside and one outside of the ball.

Flashy toys like mylar and long toys like a bug on a string are very distracting to the cat , and do not control where the cat is looking.

Nice things from Please click the photos for information.
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