Truecolours Singapura Cats and Kittens

Oxcana Singapura queen, mother of beautiful kittens

Updated February 16, 2006

We have no kittens available now, but we have a waiting list and can add your name, then email you when we have what you are looking for. The next litter is planned to arrive in late 2006.



About Us:

Truecolours cattery is the passion of two allbreed cat show judges who apply their 15 years of judging experinece and 25 years of breeding experience, to produce Singapuras of the highest quality health, personality and beauty!

Our kittens are born and raised with us in the bedroom, loved and kissed a lot. Happy owners of our Singapuras often write about how extaordinary the kittens are, and what companionable, intelligent and interactive cats they become as adults.


Truecolours Singapura Kittens and Cats at Home:

Speedy in the tunnel


Speedy looking up at a toy


"Tater Tot"

Tater Tot on laptop


Tater Tot became a show cat, and he is now a TICA Supreme Grand Champion!

Tater Tot Singpaura on the scratching post

small kitten in lap
mother and baby
Lassie catching toy
stretching kitten

tasting a sock

Ocxana pretty
Susan and kittens

Susan and kitten

kittens in bed with mom
heads to tails
Melody and her friend


Contact Us:

Click to contact us by email, Adriana Kajon & Vickie Shields

We are located in beautiful New Mexico, U.S.A.

double rainbows over new mexico


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