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TICA Supreme Grand Champion, International Winner and Singapura Of The Year 2007, Amenophis Ballerina of Truecolors

Updated April 8, 2010
Kittens Available in April 2010

About Us:

Truecolours cattery is the passion of two allbreed cat show judges who apply their 20 years of judging experience each and 25 years of breeding experience, to produce Singapuras of the highest quality health, personality and beauty!

Our kittens are born and raised with us in the bedroom, loved. and kissed a million times. Happy owners of our Singapuras often write emails (some samples are below) about how extaordinary the kittens are, and what companionable, intelligent and interactive cats they become as adults!

Truecolours Singapura Kittens and Cats at Home:

Singapura mothers and kittens
Singapura mother and kitten
Speedy in the tunnel


Speedy looking up at a toy


"Tater Tot"

Tater Tot on laptop


TICA Supreme Grand Champion, International Winner, and Singapura of the Year 2006, Truecolours Tater Tot

Tater Tot Singpaura on the scratching post



Singapura on wheel
Oxcana Singapura queen, mother of beautiful kittens
small kitten in lap
mother and baby
Lassie catching toy
stretching kitten

tasting a sock

Rogerkitten on the office chair
Tater Tot on exercise ballOcxana pretty
Susan and kittens

Susan and kitten

kittens in bed with mom
heads to tails

Contact Us:

Contact us by email, Adriana Kajon & Vickie Shields,

We do not ship to unkown people, but can often deliver the kittens because we travel frequently, or the new owners are welcome to come visit the kittens and their families

We are located in the beautiful state of New Mexico

double rainbows over new mexico

More home photos:

Mom and kitten

Family portrait on the cheese toy

family portrait on the cheese

mother and kitten

Calm mother Storyteller, fast moving blurry kittens

mothers watching the energetic kittens

always someone is moving
Storyteller kittens a blur
is that a camera
hiding in the laundry

tail on windowsill

playing in the laundry
checking out the humidifier
kitten on the bedrail
family in blue bed kittens in blue bed with Storyteller

pictured below at four weeks old

singapura kittens on the bed 1 month old

singapura kittens first food kitty goop

2 weeks old

singapura kitten one month old on the bed

Singpaura kittens Storyteller x Maverick June 2005

Photos and emails from owners of our Singapuras:

"Starbuck" and "Apollo"

Starbuck and Apollo on the window ledge

From Mark P. in Washington, D.C., about "Starbuck" and "Apollo" --


I snapped a quick photo of Starbuck & & Apollo this morning and thought I would send it along.

They are both doing very well. They both still have a lot of energy and continue to play fetch and chase toys for as long as I can keep going.

I hope you are both well. Thank you for bring these two into my life and for all the joy they bring me everyday.



Chicky in the air

TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter, Truecolours Chicken Little of Kalanikats

Chicky in the grass

From Sharon and Taty K. in California, about "Chicky" --

Hi Ladies,  

Taty and I thought you might enjoy these candid shots of a very happy Chicky playing and "flying" in the yard this morning! Toys are so much fun to chase!  

Love and Hugs. . . .Happy New Year,  

Sharon and Taty


Melody Melody and her friend

From C. B. in South Dakota, about "Melody" --

Hi, It has been a long time since I have written and I am sorry for that. Melody says Hi. I tell you we just love her to pieces. I really swear that she can talk. She squeaks and we know what she wants. I trim her claws about every three weeks. I tell her that we have to clip her claws and she jumps in my lap and just lets me do it. She is the head of the house. We raise Shih Tzus and Havanese. Melody is just the best of friends with Ebony my female Shih Tzu. Well Ebony had babies in May. No animal was allowed in the room at all. Ebony made sure of that. All except Melody. She was in there sleeping right with the puppies. She was the aunt. She checked them out daily. Ebony was just wonderful with Melody but not with anyone else. Melody helped keep the puppies clean. I have a website now and it has a couple of pictures of Melody checking out the puppies. The website is I have more pictures of her with them that I will send you too.

I just have never had such a wonderful cat. I have a friend from Florida who came and stayed with me. I had told her about Melody. Well before she left she was in love... Melody is so social that she has to check out your suitcase and she has to make sure that everyone is tucked in at night. She is a wonderful alarm clock in the morning, putting her paw on your nose and licking your eyes. When my friend had been here for two days, she said I love this cat. I said I told you that you would love her. She is not like any other cat I have ever had.

We love her so much. I just had to tell you. She is doing great. What a wonderful treasure you gave me.

C. and Melody


C.B. w restling with their chihuahua, who is wearning a jacket: CB playing with Enrique the chuihuahua

From Dar & Dennice S. in New Mexico, about " C.B" --

C.B. is such a sweetie pie! He was feeling very adventurous today, and made quite the nusiance of himself out here in the workshop . He came out and explored upstairs in the junk storage area and then downstairs, getting into many sorts of places he ought not to. Last week Enrique (longhair Chihuahua), who had been afraid of C.B. was wrestled around by C.B.out in the backyard. A switch went off inside Enrique, as he realized that C.B. was playing and he wasn't dangerous. Enrique got this wild look of pure joy and started running laps around C.B., trying to get C.B. to chase him more. It was the most wonderful thing to see them running and wrestling, but after 10 solid minutes I had to stop them so Enrique wouldn't overdo it. Enrique has healed well from his luxated patella knee surgery.

Dar & Dennise

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Some more home photos of the kittens:


Flash needed to lighten the foreground

flash needed

Is that a camers?

walking toward the camera

leg on windowsill curious kitten
blurry kittens
kittens in the cheese

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